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 Treachery, a Sacrifice to Lolth.

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Elghinn Velve
Elghinn Velve

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Treachery, a Sacrifice to Lolth. Empty
PostSubject: Treachery, a Sacrifice to Lolth.   Treachery, a Sacrifice to Lolth. EmptyWed Jul 02, 2008 9:39 pm

Vorne stood before the sacrificial altar in the temple of Lolth. Her crimson eyes gazed through the crowd of those gathered. Males and females from all houses were in attendance. The matron smiled as she noticed that Ilharess Drenn Morcane and Yath'tallar Vilmiathien Mori'hyanda were in attendance as well as many other priestesses. Behind her, Kor'ali house rothe Ivy Burningpitch was shackled to the altar. To her right was her daughter Nish'ka Kor'ali. Vorne waited until everyone was settled into the chapel before she began. As the commotion settles, the Matron begins to speak.

"Vendui to all who have gathered. This cycle we join together to pay homage to our dark queen, Lolth. As many of you know, our goddess has recently declared that Szith has fallen from her favor! Why? Because we asked her to cleanse the city of heretics for us! Lolth helps only those who help themselves! This is something that all must understand. She has demanded that we purge the city of heretics ourselves and as such we are gathered here now. Lolth Tlu Malla!"

She was met with the chorus of those in attendance, praising Lolths name.

"This rothe was caught plotting against Szith. She was caught conspiring with surfacers to bring war to our doorstep! As such she shall now be offered to our goddess as a gift. May this sacrifice please her and bring a measure of favor back to our city."

She nods to Nish'ka and then looks to those gathered. After a few moments she turns to Ivy and raises her elaborate sacrificial dagger high into the air. The temple went silent as everyone prepared for the fresh kill that was to come.

"Lolth Tlu Malla! Lolth Kyorl Dos!" She chanted as she brought the dagger down swiftly. At the last second, as the dagger was about to hit its mark, Vorne twisted the blade to the side, shoving it squarely into the heart of Nish'ka at her side. The ensamble went wild with confusion, pleasure and surprise.

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Treachery, a Sacrifice to Lolth.
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