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 A letter to the ilharess concerning reconnaissance to the surface

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A letter to the ilharess concerning reconnaissance to the surface Empty
PostSubject: A letter to the ilharess concerning reconnaissance to the surface   A letter to the ilharess concerning reconnaissance to the surface EmptyWed Jul 16, 2008 10:42 pm

*** A letter to the malla ilharess Vorne sealed with the wax signet of the house Kor'Ali and placed on her desk by a Rothe***

Malla Ilharess,

Ustaan has done as dos requested and discovered the surfacer trading post that sells items to our kind. LLOTH TLU MALLA; JAL ULTRINNAN ZHAH XUNDUS!! The trading post specializes in a few select items favored by those who would use such weapons as Ustaan. Light and easy to conceal. Ustaan wishes to offer my services to any of our house that need a guide to such a place. Ustaan has committed many of the items this place has to memory and can aid anyone seeking such items. The trading post itself lies upon the surface carved into a cliff reached only by rope. One must pass the cave of beetles that branches off of Qos and pass the children of Lloth into Nyr and enter the Gol caves. From there one should head towards the passage further towards the surface and from the surface, west until the boulder along the cliff comes into view.

Upon a separate matter, ustaan wishes to confirm the Rothe Ivy's claims. Ustaan believes the cavern housing those made of rock is a weak point in the Szith borders. Many rivvil are likely to trespass upon our sanctified territory there. The one Rivvil who ustaan threatened for the directions to this trading post may have entered Szitht through this passage. Ustaan knows he may work for the Duergar but ustaan would like to orders on whether or not to terminate this Rivvil should ustaan see him again.. His name is Voltaire Casino *what follows is a brief description*

Ilharesssen zhaunil alurl

Izzgloth Kor'Ali


Izzgloth sweated profusely beneath his enchanted drow hood as he ran through the crowded corridor. The hood was of a fine make not unlike that of Menzoberranzen. In fact, he recalled he uses to own one very similar. It did the job of hiding his finer features from everyone so he could escape unnoticed, but also did him the job of rapidly healing his wounds. He was still stymied at the tongue lashing he had received from his jabbuk Istinid but relatively relieved the repercussions for his actions were not so severe. After all, it was much better to have the backing of a house than to take on a whole city as he did before. Still.. he did not know why he was sweating so much.

The first of the goblin party ran upon him making a rather clumsy blow with a relatively crude club made of the scattered bones of some carrion. He easily ducked it then proceeded to split the Gol's stomach in two, spilling its small intestines out onto the ground. L'alurl gol zhah elghinyrr gol.. he remembered an old mentor telling him. . The best goblin is a dead goblin!.. These were no longer a match for his blades.. Already he could feel his strength returning.. He was beginning to feel.. normal again.

The next few passages went relatively uneventfully as he was focussed on his mission that burned pure in his mind now. He had to see if surfacers were indeed breaching the borders of Szith, and if the rumors he heard from a passing Rivvil were true. The Rivvil frequented the caves near the Duergar city and had told him of a place on the surface that sold specialized weapons to those of the darker trades. What was that Rivvil's name again? He thought as he examined the rope the Rivvil had given him in exchange for his life. Izzgloth recalled the Rivvil's rather horrid face as he downed some invisibility potions to subvert the watchful gaze of the undead vampires that lurked in the caves beyond.

Once in Qo's, Izzgloth made a quick scout around town to look for witnesses. He knew he was about to breach the surfacer world and would leave no witnesses. It was then he noticed tracks leading into the cave he had just exited.. Tracks into underdark that lead in from the surfacer world.. He frowned deeply but was committed to his cause. Heeding the warning of the Rothe Ivy, he quickly downed a potion to make him invisible and then used the aid of the shadows to envelope him in darkness. If the Rivvil could see through invisibility as she truly said, they would also have to pierce the blackness of shadow to find him. He traversed the long cavern filled with beetles with ease, his senses attuned for any sort of movement that might indicate an approaching enemy. None came.. He passed by the next chamber filled with the children of lolth into the city of Nyr with nary a pause. He frowned as he nearly was skewered by the halberd of a passing gnome guard the last time he entered here. The directions of the the RIvvil took him to a cave well marked as it contained gol.

Izzgloth smiled as he realized a certain kind of parallel between the surfacers and the drow. Perhaps he would come upon some young jaluks training near the surface in these Gol caves. Perhaps he would bring these Rivvil's hearts back for his ilharess to feast upon!

His answer came near the second doorway to the caves as he held his breath, 3 Rivvil burst in with a usual lack of Drow-like grace. One of them was massive, sporting a scimitar and full plate and the Sssun shone in dimly from behind them.. They pushed past Izzgloth without notice and continued loudly on their way.

He gritted his teeth and pushed past into the dawn, his eyes still watering from the natural light.. He continued west until he saw a large boulder sticking out from the seaside. Still in the aid of the shadows, he knew they would not remain for long. Briefly he thought this would be some Rivvil trap as he tied his rope to the boulder. Then he realized that, as always his life was in Lolth's hands. He gently lowered himself down.

Once inside and in the company of those who would sell him such wondrous items he smiled as he picked up his new blade.. He remembered the name of the Rivvil who had told him how to get here.. The very same one who had described Szith as though he had actually been there.. His name was Voltaire Casino.. and he would die by this new blade!
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A letter to the ilharess concerning reconnaissance to the surface
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