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 A bloody Warning

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PostSubject: A bloody Warning   A bloody Warning EmptyThu Jul 31, 2008 4:08 pm

A bloody scroll containing the following message is left in the common room of the House along with a brief account of what occured

Quote :
Have the drow forgotten that Q'os is a neutral trading town. Their undead occupation of Q'os must end. It is ruining the peaceful trade routes and harming business. On top of their forceful occupation they are hunting non-drow down inside Q'os its self. Until trading and order is restored Lloth will be bled dry.

Korali cease activities on the surface. You ask that those of us who live on the surface cease entering the under dark. Yet you continue to raid the surface territories. If you refuse to stay in Szith we will be forced to make you stay in Szith.

Stay gold unicorn.
Qo's merchant liberation army

[i] Izzgloth awoke with a start.. The candles of the tavern in Qos flickered as a slight breeze came in from the open doorway. The rickety wooden door creaked slightly, having been left ajar.

"I told you five minutes jaluk!"

The speaker was the rather angered looking Shebali Yathrin he had met in the Gorbog caves. They had journeyed to Qos together in search more sporting foe. He was having difficulty keeping up with the zealous yathrin and was in need of more healing liquids traded at the local tavern.

"Be no more than 5 minutes jaluk!" The words of the yathrin rang in his head. As he made for the tavern, a mage, shadowed by magical protections spoke with a drow male out front. He paid them no attention, keeping to the shadows to pass by into the tavern.

He blinked and then tried to rise. It was then, as his vision cleared he saw the scene of gore before him. The sticky sweet coppery taste of blood filled his mouth and his armor was covered. His right shoulder and neck felt as though it had been severed and then reattached. A pool of blood lay slightly dried, although still warm before him. Ahead lay two of his arrows in the middle of the room, and his weapons were drawn. About 20 feet farther away, near the entrance to the tavern, lay another crumpled form of a drow sargtlin.

He rose unsteadily to his feet as the shabali yathrin continued to express her disapproval at his being late, seemingly oblivious to the scene of carnage around them. The yathrin argued with him for several minutes claiming that he had been in some sort of drinking game. A fresh blood spot seemed to on her belongings, however.

The memories of what had transpired could not be dragged from the depths of his conscious. They made their way to the other corpse and Izzgloth recognized him as Elghin Mori'hyanda. He was treated and arose, but in a similar manner to Izzgloth could not remember what had occurred. They left the tavern hastily, all the while Izzgloth did not mention the new scroll he had found on his possession to the Yathrin. Perhaps she was the one that weaved such terrible magics on him? But for what purpose?
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Elghinn Velve
Elghinn Velve

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PostSubject: Re: A bloody Warning   A bloody Warning EmptyThu Jul 31, 2008 5:35 pm

Vorne hears about this event and reads the scroll after Izzgloth shows it to her.

"I will naut tolerate this. We will naut tolerate this. Izzgloth you will meet with Yath'tallr Talice and Yath'abban, Olortyr. With them you then assemble a small team to stake out the trading villiage of Qos. Any surfacer caught within is to be incapacitated and sacrificed. Have this completed and a report filed on my desk three cycles ago!"

Naeradil Kor'ali: Elghin Velve
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A bloody Warning
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