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 It is the Age of Reckoning...

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It is the Age of Reckoning... Empty
PostSubject: It is the Age of Reckoning...   It is the Age of Reckoning... EmptyThu Aug 07, 2008 4:44 pm

So, much to my surprise, WAR is going to be offering its open beta midway through this month (hopefully) rather than midway through next month. Which means... I may be departing a month or so earlier than I'd expected too.

NWN2 just really hasn't thrilled me as much as the first one. I played the first NWN for about 2 years at least... the only thing that was eventually able to drag me away was the shutting down of my primary Persistent World, and finding Shadowbane, a hugely pvp oriented mmorpg which sucked down my soul....

Well, I think (hope) WAR will similarly suck down my gaming soul, but that means that my gaming soul will be absent from other places... namely TFR. Alas, tis not good bye yet, but as soon as the open beta opens up my presence here is going to drop like a rock, and depending on how good the game is it may disapear altogether.

So... if there are any long term plans to sacrifice Virak's grimy little CN soul, you'd better get snappy about them!
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Elghinn Velve
Elghinn Velve

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It is the Age of Reckoning... Empty
PostSubject: Re: It is the Age of Reckoning...   It is the Age of Reckoning... EmptyThu Aug 07, 2008 10:37 pm

Ah dude that sucks! But I understand man, I know im going to be absorbed in resident evil 5 for a few days when it comes out, heh but I wont leave TFR, not while Kor'ali is alive...

Anyway, definately sad to see you go (going?) and I hope you have fun with W.A.R and whatever else you get in to. Never had any plans to sacrifice Virak, but if you want him to go out with a bang, we can cook something up im sure. It wont be as fun without him or gorion around though...

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It is the Age of Reckoning...
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