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 Application for Vin'del

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PostSubject: Application for Vin'del   Application for Vin'del EmptyTue Nov 18, 2008 1:16 am

Vin'del Kor'ali is the 4th Son Of Matron Morne Kor'ali of Udos, Ultrinian and Barovia, He has been trapped in the Demiplane of Dread for 100 years and he along with Meletar Kor'ali escaped with the help of a Drow Lich and an Aspect oi Lolth which are still trapped there.

He was a Master of Necromancy at Ultrinian's Sorcere and was well on his way to Lichdom with his studies in the Pale Arts, when the Mists took him he was stripped of all his power and had to search hard to regain his power. Eventually he regained enough power to challenge a Drow Lich who to save his pylactery agreed to help Vin'del and his companions escape Barovia if nothing else it would take the "Upstart Drow out of his area of Influence" {his words} Vin'del arrived in the cavern that houses Szith again stripped of all his power. Unable to make contact with His Mother Morne or her Twin he approachs House Kor'ali of Szith for shelter and succor and was granted it.
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Application for Vin'del
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