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 History of House Kor'ali

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History of House Kor'ali Empty
PostSubject: History of House Kor'ali   History of House Kor'ali EmptyTue May 06, 2008 11:41 pm

The drow house Kor'ali was created and first played on the NWN 1 server, Amia by Morne Kor'ali (xXull). We have been roleplaying together for four years or more (for some of us) and have played the Kor'ali on many Neverwinter Nights servers, ranging from Amia, to Menzoberranzan, to Ravenloft, Gate Crashers, Arileth and more. Kor'ali has a long history of great roleplay and interesting plots. We have recently became an official house on TFR. House Insignia's, Custom Armor and the House Complex itself are being implimented in the next update. Currently we are accepting applications to join and anyone is more than welcome. There are two things we request:

1: The player must not have a character currently affiliated with any other house on TFR (We will have DMs check to make sure if we have to).

2: The player has a solid understanding of drow roleplay and the drow society. You dont have to be a master of drow, but neither can you be an ignorant fool. If anyone needs help understanding drow, we are always willing to answer questions but before being allowed to join you must show a basic understanding of Drow politics.

Moving on, here is some background and general lore on house Kor'ali.

House Kor'ali was founded in Ched Neshad. There it reigned as the third house until the fateful day that the city of webs fell to a rogue house and its Deurger allies. When the city fell the survivors moved to the city of Udos'Droxun. Kor'ali lived in Udos for many years before the city was destroyed by an invading army of Drow, Deurgar, Illithid, Beholders and even two dragons.

After Udos was laid to waste by the attackers the surviving houses, Kor'ali, Vandree, Arabett and Fuma'vhid founded the new city of Ultrinnan. Ultrinnan prospered and Kor'ali sat content for a long period of time as the second house. It wasnt long however, before the third house, House Arabett wanted to improve their standing.

Arabett formed an alliance with the first house and several lesser houses and assulted Kor'ali. They did not last long though and Arabett quickly fell to the warriors of Kor'ali. However, ilharess Veh'dra Arabett did not go quietly. She escaped the battle and called the other houses together to removed the Kor'ali from the city. The other houses assisted her under the belief that Kor'ali was a heratic house.

Kor'ali knew they could not defeat the entire city, so with the help of house Fuma'Vhid they escaped to the wilds of the underdark. Vorne led half of the survivors to the city of Menzoberranzan where they would rebuild their forces and one day return to Ultrinnan for vengance. Morne led the second half of the survivors but never reached Menzoberranzan. On route Morne's group was taken prison by the sentinent mists of Ravenloft. They were stuck in the realm of horror with no communication to their homeland. No communication with Lolth.

Morne and her company waged a war of suvival in the lands of Barovia and many lost their lives. Eventually the ruler Strahd Van Zarovich himself stepped forward to deal with the malevolent prisoners. In their attempt to escape Strahd and his minions, Kor'ali scattered across the land.

While they were seperated, some of them found an ancient artifact that would provide a one way trip back to their native realm of Faeraun. Each of them were deposited from the realm of horror in different places across Faerun, but the trip had cost them very dearly.

After many years they began to gather in the city of Szith as if guided by Lolth herself.

Word was sent to Vorne in Menzoberranzan explaining of what had occured and Vorne decided it was wise to move to Szith to rebuild Kor'ali. Szith was chosen because members of Morne's troup had begun appearing there with no knowledge of where the others were.

Now the Kor'ali live and prosper as an established house in Szith where they enforce the ways of Lolth and help to clean the city streets of heratics and failures. Kor'ali is known for its well behaved males, its well devised battle tactics and its blind loyalty in the goddess and everything she stands for.
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History of House Kor'ali
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