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 Vin'dels tests

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Vin'dels tests Empty
PostSubject: Vin'dels tests   Vin'dels tests EmptySun Jan 11, 2009 4:11 pm

Vin'del Kor'ali Leaves word For Rizzen Morcane that He has bested both The Troll king nad The Lich of archeon and has the Head and the Ring he now is seeking Vindel Morcane for the Third Test.

Vin'del meets wiith Archmage rizzen Morcane who accepts the head and Ring after chewing him out for interupting his measuring of the Universe He directs him to Vindel Morcane for the third test.

Six months (game time one week real time) go by with no sign of Vindel Morcane, Vin'del Kor'ali Fourth Son Of Matron Morne Kor'ali can be heard moving about his lab by the house gaurds cursing what seem to be himself and smashing potion bottles they soon realize when an all mighty shout blows the doors of the Lab that he is infact cursing Vindel Morcane as the words that blew the doors off were "Damn Vindel Morcane to the furthest cormer of the abyss if that is naut where he is.

Fingering the Master of Necromancy Medalion that Celith Morcane left on his "dieing corpse" as Celith put it he storms off to Sorciere in search of the Morcane Master.

After much searching with no success a summons to Meet The Master of Conjuration.

Vin'del's test consists of 20 questions which all but 3 must be answered correctly the First seven questions are answered flawlessly even though one was an obvious guess as a necromancer Vin'del has nau access to spells of Divinatiobn so when Vin'del did naut know a spell he guessed it would be a divination spell this worked until the Master of Conjuration asked of of a spell that he had naut heard of to which Vin'del gave the response divination and was told "Wrong with a smile from Vindel Morcane who to this time had seemed frustrated with Vin'del's flawless reasoning.

Several more questions and one on opposing schools came up again the Necromancer who had nau interest in any opposing school but his own did naut know the answer "Wrong again" the Master of conjuration again looking pleased with himself for finding something else the Elder Kor'ali necromancer had failled to study.

More questions answered flawlessly and a spell of greater Planer Binding cast to demonstrate by Vin'del Kor'ali brought us to question 19 another on opposing schools to which again not carring abouit these schools he answered with the answer he used when he was wrong the first time thinkiing he had to get one right if he just kept saying the same school .

"Wrong a Third time"you may naut make another mistake" boomed the Master of conjuration , It all came down to one question which The Kor'ali necromancer was sure would be a hard one and most likely on some obscure Divination spell was asked a question on a relatively low magic Necromantic spell which he had memorized at the Time.

To his surprise the Morcane Conjurer seemed genuinly pleased that he had past the test if only just barelly' at this point the Archmage of Szith himself came in and congratulated him they stayed back after Vindel an Mythreal Morcane, who had just had to come and watch the Kor'ali necromancer do his test as if he wasnt under enough preasure at the time had left ,Vin'del presented the Archmage with two minor weapons enchantments that he had created as an apprentice back in Udos before his Rise to Archmage of Ultrinian, to which the Archmage gave 2 much more poerful spells that Vin'del had been looking for since he lost all his spellbooks in The Mists{Strahd has them now but that is a tale for another time)

After being given instruction that he was To formally Take up the Mantle of Master of Necromancy (even though he had been wearing the badge of Office for weeks) And begin to Teach classes as soon as The Serpent pool project was completed, with a last instruction to find a few specific spells the Archmage had heard had been brought to the Lands above he set off to tell the Matron her orders have been Fulfilled and The Kor'ali have a Master in Sorciere.

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Vin'dels tests
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