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 Santikritt's Cure

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Santikritt's Cure Empty
PostSubject: Santikritt's Cure   Santikritt's Cure EmptyFri Feb 06, 2009 4:38 pm

Vin'del leaves the shop at Sorcere with a grim look of Purpose he strides down to the portal attendent And says Nobles stepping it the Portal. he arrives in front of House Mori'hyanda and wonders why The Morcane Archmage of the city did naut ujust it to favour his own house since their was no longer any First house in the City. Striding by the City Gaurds infront of Quellar Kor'ali he enters the quellar nuttering to himself "this has to work or Lord Zress will have to be found"

Moving through Q'uellar Kor'ali he goes straight to the dungeon cell where santikritt has been quarentined . Entering the cell with a Serious look he order Santikritt to take all but his undergarments off , santikritt does not look to be fairing well against the blight and no other course of action could Vin'del think of.

Using a gem Oof True Seeing to keep an eye on all that goes on here Vin'del hands Santikritt a Rimg Of disease imunnity and an Amulet of Health that he just puchased for this purpose from The Sorcere Vault "Put these on and do naut move' Vin'del tells to Santikritt with an Inudiable whisper of
"I hope this works" he attacks Santikritt with a powerfully enchanted morningstar .Smashing the unarmoured and weaponless Santikritt untill he lay Dead on the floor. Vin'del then waits for a time to see waht happens but Naut long ehough to lose his true sight.
Vin'del then took out some spell components and chamts a Remove Curse on the body of his fallen Q'uellar Dalninuk and draws out one of the Three Rods he carries Pointing thr Rod Of Reserection at Santikritt he activates with a silent prayer the Drow now whereing a The Ring and Amulet is Resurected.

Dos will remain here Vin'del exclaimed and he leaves in Search of the Matron.
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Santikritt's Cure Empty
PostSubject: Re: Santikritt's Cure   Santikritt's Cure EmptyWed Feb 11, 2009 3:23 pm

/// ive posted some pics of it on forums gallery
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Santikritt's Cure
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