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 Training of Ba'al

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After Ba'al had explored Szith better to know the place ... He decided to explore the surroundings of this wonderful city that was Szith ... The darkness wrapped in gently as he departed from Szith ... But with no fear he began to explore the depths of the tunnels where it seemed to quickly familiarize asser ... He met several rats and bats everywhere and if he sought would not find something useful or that could have some value ... A few steps further .. He saw a corpse of what appeared to be a human ... Looking carefully around him and if it was not a trap ... He approached and looked to see if still breathing ... It was dead ... But for how long? The body appeared to be that since some time ... And then he heard a roar coming from, and there was something that seemed torches burned for several days ... Black dirt and soot on the walls gave a good idea that this could not be a Drow ... He moved slowly to better observe the tunnel turned quietly into a den ... He saw a strange form dissipate in a dark corner of the den ... Could'nt well determine what it was he went a little longer around ... And saw a large creature ... With a large sword that seemed to burn as if it had just come out of the forge of a blacksmith, that was planted in a firecamp ... The beast felt a presence and rushed on his sword and then ran to Ba'al in roaring strange sounds while brandishing his sword in all directions ... Ba'al has barely managed to dodge the blows of this beast that seemed to be much more powerful than him and started running ... Jumping over the corpse of the man lying in the same position at the entrance to the den cries that seemed increasingly inconsistent seemed to warn ceatures who lived there in all corners of the cave ... He ran as quickly as he could dodging a quite an hordes of rats and bats that appeared to have been alerted by this beast that the heel closer ... He succeeded to sorrow and misery to reach the doors of the Szith the creature stopped and seemed to return to its supposedly roaring still remains strange words ... Once safe in the city ... Ba'al met a Drow mage ... He questioned him ... Asked him what he can do ... Competence of these weapons ... And after a few minutes of talking ... He introduce himself ... His name was Vin'del Kor'ali ... Noble Mage in the service of the Noble House of Kor'ali ... Ba'al does not knew what a Noble House was, so he asked him what for there were houses ... The Noble Mage to a rather cold and uninteresting to say it was a way to serve Lolth and to pay tribute to her... Ba'al then asked him how he could join such a Noble House ... Magus was quick to laugh by telling him to be patient and continue his training ... So Vin'del focused while muttered unknown language while watching Ba'al, who felt a force invading him ... Having no knowledge of what was happening ... Vin'del told him he was creating force shields around Ba'al to make him invincible against several enemy that could sneak in the surrounding of Szith ... And it would help him to train with the Scimitar more easily ... Ba'al thanked him and reached once again the gates of Szith to return to the lair of this appalling Hobgoblin ... (Ba'al told his misadventure with this beast and Vin'del said that it was Hobgoblin and that he lived in the lair for a very long time does not creating any disorder since now) Ba'al But he wanted to avenge this humiliation ... And rushed to his lair where he ravaged the rats and bats on its way while shouting "In the name of Lolth die by my blade!" Finally reaching the Hobgoblin lair, Ba'al pure pleasure cut the head of the governing human still on the ground ... And took the head and mounted it on a spear that was embedded at the entrance ... Ba'al continued his ascension to the Hobgoblin who had noticed his presence and both ran to one another in crisis roaring infernal warcry ... The Hobgoblin received a powerful blow of Ba'al who lost an arm ... Looking at his arm on the ground...the Hobgoblin rushed again to Ba'al who had a smile from the corner of the mouth as a sign of victory ... He settled the second arm, the Hobgoblin ran in all directions .... Ba'al bent ... Took the sword that was on the ground still held by the arm off and perfored the stomach of the Hobgoblin and looked into his eyes, entered the Ba'al increasingly hollow and each move that gave it to push further the Hobgoblin spit his own blood across the face of Ba'al ... From a sadistic laugh ... Ba'al gave him a kick on the trunk and went to collapse on the fire ... Burning in front of Ba'al's eyes, he saw a chest in a corner of the den which was now abandoned and found some gold coins and a new sword that seemed lighter and sharper than the one he used for some time ...
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Training of Ba'al
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