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 Yath'tallar's Will...

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Yath'tallar's Will... Empty
PostSubject: Yath'tallar's Will...   Yath'tallar's Will... EmptyTue Mar 03, 2009 10:06 pm

Ba'al depart from Szith as usual to head certain area surrounding this Great city for Patroling in case of Riv'vil's invasion... Ba'al fought many creature lurking in the darkness of the Underdark tunnels... Heading toward Q'os, Ba'al encounter a small shadowy character... This character wearing a hat, Ba'al can't take a good look at her (found out by hearing her voice)... Then Ba'al started to speak with the little Dark skinned creature that Ba'al asked her if she was a Deep Gnome... And she *nods* back to Ba'al ... Ba'al pleased to finally see this thought about Yath'tallar quest that she ordered to him to kill a Deep Gnome... But this was not enough of a challenge for Ba'al... So he decided to capture it ... Summoning his Fallen servant.. He ordered him to capture this new friend he made by accident in the tunnels close to Q'os.... And suddenly... He heard a voice ... But no one was there... So he used his see invisibility vision to see who was hiden there... Surprised.. Another Deep Gnome.... (Ba'al was so proud to find these new "Sacrifices") And he used diplomatic to finally end at, Mya (the 1st encounter... and Lara the 2nd) tryed to use her sneeky finger to paralyse Ba'al but seing this... Ba'al laughed at her and then tryed to kill her!!! And she succombed after a few blows of his scimitars.... And then Lara jumped Ba'al and tryed to kill him... But failed.... But Ba'al was laying on the ground trying to catch up his breath and spitting blood, while Lara helped Mya to get back on her feet... Then suddenly a Patrol or Ogres jumped the two little Deep Gnomes and this poor Mya succombed once again to some deadly blows from the Deep Ogres!!! Lara was fighting them when Ba'al saw the oportunity to seize her... While Lara was fighting... Ba'al got back on his feet then jumped on Lara's back while she was killing the last of the Deep Ogres and this was almost like a child play when Ba'al quickly tied her hands and feet... Looking over Mya asking to himself how he could carry two body on his back he heard some noise coming by him and then he heard an Elven voice on his back saying "Drop your weapon Drow" And he noticed three other Kirthiiri hiding around him trying to use the shadows except for one mage all looking at him with a smile on their face... Ba'al then thought it would be best to run... The Elve behind him tryed to capture him but failed and Ba'al could escape in the tunnels leading to Szith.... Failure Ba'al thought... But no... He went to Szith and met a new Shebali Jaluk that was begging for food and gold coins... Ba'al had to teach him good manner and almost fed him to the spider... then thought he could use him to capture another Deep Gnome to fulfill the Yath'tallar order.... So they went back on Patrol to Q'os and they met the little Mya... All alone standing in Q'os waiting surely for her friend Lara.... A fierce battle occured and Ba'al was forced to flee the fight while the new Shebali Jaluk was finishing the work.... Ba'al came back and captured the Deep Gnome, he ordered his Undead servant to hold the Deep Gnome on his back while they were running back to Szith with their reward!!! Ba'al took the time to pay the shebali for his loyal services and he dropped the new Prisoner of the Kor'ali in the jail in the Kor'ali Dungeon... Now every now and then Ba'al go and contemplate this new toy he gave to his Yath'tallar as she ordered him... Even the Faern Kenakth found this amusing to test out some of his power over this new "guest" within the Kor'ali Familly... Shriae was pleased to see this even questionned the Shebali about what happened ...

/// OOC , Mya told me she had a Kor'ali insigna on the face (she was trying to hide with her hat) But Ba'al have not noticed it... And Mya told me she was the escaped Slave "toy" of Shriae long ago.... I dont know if you want to RP this as it is a return or if it is a common Deep Gnome
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Yath'tallar's Will...
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