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 Isiolia's ascention to Full Yathrin

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Death Shard

Death Shard

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Isiolia's ascention to Full Yathrin Empty
PostSubject: Isiolia's ascention to Full Yathrin   Isiolia's ascention to Full Yathrin EmptyMon May 11, 2009 9:18 am

Isiolia Kor'ali aproaches Yath'tallar ilharess Talice Kor'ali where the two speak about proper ways to submit jaluks and formations of spells. Talice noticing her power and knowladge had grown Decides That it is time she became full Yath. Talice was told by Lloth of a jaluk that was murdering her children whom trains in the tizzin caves. Talice tells Isiolia about the jaluk, and what hes done upsetting Isiolia . Isiolia Kor'ali Clentches her hilt deeming her next action be done with "extreme predjudice". The two Pray together a prayer of how Lloth Always prevails for llythiiri, And with a look of death in her eye Isiolia bows, bids aluve, and runs off.

Talice in the shadows follows Isiolia quietly along the shadows slowly behind. Isiolia beats her way through the bats and rats with ease entering the tizzin cave, Talices presence unknown. The tizzins group up on Isiolia and are disposed of fast as talice watches. A jaluk is seen in battle with the tizzins ahead of Isiolia putting them down twice as fast. Large as a hook horror surrounded in magic the jaluk beats the tizzins without mercy. Isiolia approaches the twice her size jaluk and asks him if hes killed spiders. The jaluk not submiting laughs and says "ustaan kills anything that attacks ustaan, dos attack ustaan dos dies". Isiolia hearing this decides this is obviously the jaluk and anounces he must pay for his crimes of hericy on Lloth children, pulls her weapon and attacks the obviosly well trained jaluk.

The two exchange blows for a few seconds before its clear that Lloth has heard thier prayer and had granted Isiolia more power as she overcomes the jaluk killing him. As the jaluk takes the killing blow he screams for his heritic male drow god, ending it spurttering blood. Isiolia breathing hard in extacy, with barly a few scratches, kicks the body spitting on it. Talice stepps out of the shadows and congradulates the yath on a Job well done stating that she has done well as Lloths choosen. The two share no pity looking at the dead jaluk heritic as talice states te Ulath'tallar will be Notified of her ascention to Full Yath within arach'tannilith and the Kor'ali Quel'lar.
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Isiolia's ascention to Full Yathrin
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