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 The punishment.

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Death Shard

Death Shard

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The punishment. Empty
PostSubject: The punishment.   The punishment. EmptyTue May 26, 2009 5:35 pm

After anouncing to Yath'tallar Amithrulia of her due punishment for a problem that occured within her responsibilities within the qu'ellar, Amith Realizes that it was going to happen sooner or later and her gaze remains stern. After a tencycle for chance of letting her redeem herself To the qu'ellar and Lloth, Ilharess Talice arrives at Amiths room in the temple With Jaluken Gaurds. After quick glance Amith drops her weapon and sharpening stone on the table rising to greet the ilharess's entrance. SHe bows promptly with greeting as talice, not saying a word. motions her to follow with two outreached fingers . "As Malla Ilharess comands, Lloth tlu malla", amith says, leaving her armour as she begains walking out the door inbetween tHe face down looking, wordless, jaluken.

THey walk down the long hallway with Ilharess wearing a tight leather outfit and whip in tow Running a finger along the wall as she walks smiling gracefully as if another cycle. Amith in front with under armour clothes hanging loosly baring a proud portion of her bulbous chest as she walks sternly between the face forward jaluken. THe Jalukan Come to a halt as amith brushes a bead of sweat away from her forhead. In nearby furnaces they burn corpses of tortured rothe that reeks of superiority and domination used also for the heating of various torture instruments. One of the jaluken guards opens the doorway into one of the many rooms that line the chamber as the two bow letting talice and amith inside closing the door to take position outside so no one disturbes.

It was a Small, damp, humid room with little luminous moss and small vents that lead to the chapel adding excitment when they tortured rothe during services. On the wall was a table baring shackles with multiple blood stains and in the far corner was a normal table baring shackles in front of desk bareing sharp instruments. Talice motions amith to the the regular table sugesting she only shackle her hands as they put them on together. After amith is fully hancuffed standing prone, talice smiles putting a suductive finger to amiths lipps running it along them down her face and neck caressing her busom wispering "dos must do better in knowing dos surroundings and who dos meets Jalil" suddenly piledriving her other fist into amiths face drawing blood immediatly. "Lloth has no place for those who do naught think properly hence the trials in even death", Talice says jabbing Amith hard in her side causing amith a little unbalance. Talice roughly grabs amiths hair pulling her in close outstreatched backwards with talice spooning her backside and roughly grabbing Amiths bosum to start a roughly turning twist on the nipple felt easily though amiths outfit with a firm grip on amiths hair. "The Punishment will be the borrow worm" she says producing a small box letting go of amiths head as she jerks it forwards. "as dos wish malla ilharess" amith says Standing proud in her sweat drenched now see through shirt. Talice not showing a sign that any warmth is affecting her in anyway, due to simple cantrips, opens and places the box on amiths shoulderl etting the bugs burrowing start. Talice watches amused as the last of the bug climbs inside amith causing her arm to shudder violently. Talice smiles unloosening her whip placing a a foot on a skull left behind so long ago it looks part of the floor, as she recoils and lashes amith as the bug burrows deeper causing amiths stern look to the look of worry.

Talice uses all her might to whip amith though its nothing to the worm. The worm continues to grow as it feeds on amiths insides causing tears of pain to force thier way out due to the size the thing must be by now . The whipping goes on for hours and begains to tear pieces of her shirt off her body untill it falls off in shambles. The worm causing amith extreme discomfort and causing her to sputter blood with a "Lloth tlu malla forgive ustaan Ilharss" makeing amith drop to her knees. In what seemed to be amiths final moments a dark spot apears on amiths bloody sparkling skin causing Talice to stop the whipping Throwing her other hand forwards and witha word that Lloth had given her though the last communion, grabs the worm halting it with a invisibe vice. With another word she begains twirling her finger as if winding the invisible string causing the large worm to slowly extract out of the side opposite the worms entrance. WHen it looked as large as a greatsword the large bulbous worm falls to the ground causeing talice to utter the word of destruction given to her by Lloth crushing the thing in intant death. Amith falls forwards in what looked like a standing/kneeling backbend her chin on the table and her wind cut off due to the table pressing her neck. Talice slowly walks up watching amith gasp for air sputtering blood to weak to move much as she grabs amiths arm pulling her back to a normal looking position. "Let us see if Lloth sees this fit enough to grant dos Healing" Talice says taking another shot to amiths face with her free hand. "let this never happen again" talice lets it hang there finnaly saying "Yath'tallar....." Talice mutters a word causing the extreme pain of healing one so far gone would recieve, causing amith to lock up in painful tightness as wounds and organs alike are repaired forceing amith to lean forwards to hang on the cuffs by the wrists unable to move due to fatigue. "Lloth Tlu Malla" amith says, as she hangs topless sweat glistining off her back with not a scar. "Let this be a lesson on paying attention for next time Lloth perhaps will not hear my healing calls for dos" Talice says as she raps the door. THe Door unlocks as a house yathrin smirking holding robes enters the room. THe yathrin bows to Talice then bows to amith throwing the robes over amith loosening her shackles. Talice smiles hoping the yath'tallar dosnt make the same mistake twice as the yathrin helps the broken down yath'tallar out and back to her room supporting most amiths weight so she may riviere and regain her streangth. Rumor in the qu'ellar is that amith was punished and broken down but not how for theres no marks...

///this is ooc for everyone but amithrulia
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The punishment.
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