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 "Meletar's Report to Shriae on Llandra Defenses'

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"Meletar's Report to Shriae on Llandra Defenses' Empty
PostSubject: "Meletar's Report to Shriae on Llandra Defenses'   "Meletar's Report to Shriae on Llandra Defenses' EmptyThu May 28, 2009 4:28 pm

"bows and is made to wait for many minutes eventually Shriae acknowlages him"Xas Mel'etar what did dos learn on dost scouting in the Eldalie enclave" Shriae growled.
Ussstan sneaked in without much trouble and was able to move about the Darthien for almost a day (Game Time 15 Minutes Real Time) They have sentries at the entrances but naut many gaurds that were obvious inside the enclave, usstan saw some hidden and another gaurd post at an exit into the hills where the Orcs and Giants fight, If we could possibly enlist the aid of these creatures as fodder udos could easily overwhelm the enclave. Their walls are made of wooden picket fences but without the aid of Mage sight usstan could naut say if they were heavily enchanted. After along time a Gaurd eventually picked up usstans trail and attacked before udos was killed and the information gathered lost usstan used a Roguestone (soul) to return to the quellar to make this report. Usstan has also seen Eladalie Druids and Rangers patroling the outskirts and many imals in a grove which may aid the Dathien in a battle. "bows and waits for more orders"

Sarn l' olath alu fotus ulu l' isto phor lu' Ssuth l' cress d' ulnen, Ji quarthen l' Orbdrinus Senger.
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"Meletar's Report to Shriae on Llandra Defenses'
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