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 Application for Myriel

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PostSubject: Application for Myriel   Application for Myriel EmptyTue Jan 19, 2010 4:14 am

Hello "all" (not many are currently following this forum I'm afraid).

I wanted to advance a discussion for possible application to join Kor'ali for my char. Myriel. Normally I don't like to do these things OOC because I am convinced that recruiting should be done ingame and follow the natural course of roleplay, but the Kor'ali situation is currently a bit anomalous.

Reasons why I'm interested to join Kor'ali with Myriel:
- First of all because the "RP style" of Dev'Lin and Morbb is not very suitable for my character. She is sneaky and elusive, she likes to operate behind the scenes and not to attract attention on herself, however this doesn't mean she's shy or anything like that ^^
I think this kind of behavior is more suitable for Kor'ali than Morbb or Dev'Lin. Correct me if I'm wrong ?
- Second because I would like to see the drow community thriving once again and it is glaring that Kor'ali is in need of female leadership and priestesses.
- Third because I often find myself online when the other 2 active Kor'ali players are online, and that's good.

Things you might not like:
- I play a Dev'Lin Wizard and I would like not to be forced to dump him (and even less to leave that House because I don't have RP reasons for it and I'm not willing to make one up). I suspect that Kor'ali requires that you don't play chars in other Houses, this is not so for the other 2 houses and I think that they have it right because each house roleplays differently and it should be fair to allow a player let their chars join a house based on their character rather than on the house allegiance of other chars. I am a mature player and I will not metagame, should a conflict arise between the 2 houses I will definitely suspend playing one the two chars, which in this case would be the dev'lin wizard since he would be the least important one for his house.
- Myriel is currently being tested by Morbb'dalharen to join their house, but she didn't really apply for it and is not convinced to join it (for the reasons I stated above). The reason why this is happening is simply roleplay flow, as I said before I am a believer of ingame and in character recruitment but given the current state of things I'm doing an exception here. She will not join Dev'Lin either since she recently had issues with their (currently only one active) Yathrin, plus their history/portfolio is not one that suits her.

A bit about my character:
Up to now I have rp'ed Myriel as being the only survivor of the defunct House of Rhyn'thar. The House that destroyed Rhyn'thar is also destroyed due to failing to kill all witnesses and its name is lost in oblivion (as is the one of Rhyn'thar). Myriel was made Yath'abban by Vilmiathien under sponsorship by Nandra, which is also the only high ranked char that placed some interest in her and tried mentoring her.
She is possibly even more racist and xenophobist than the regular Drow, but will come to compromises when needed by diplomacy (if there is something to be gained).
Myriel is a rogue/cleric with dual wielding fighting style, not the typical heavily armored and shielded cleric waving a mace over her head.

A bit about me:
I live in Europe (Italy) as far as timezones go.
I've been roleplaying PnP since I was 15 (almost 34 now) and online from 1998 (Ultima Online). I've been fascinated by Salvatore's Drow sagas and roleplayed Drow online ever since, including UO on an unofficial shard where I have been roleplaying the Ulathtallar for 2 years and a half (then NWN1 was released and I quit UO ^^), so I have quite some experience on leading the drow to their manifest destiny of world domination! Wink . On TFR I joined during beta. Then I quit playing NWN2 when MoTB was released because pretty much all servers upgraded to the expansion but I was not willing to give further money to Bugsidian for their crappy game (recall how bugged it was back then...). When I saw that improvements were made and I was missing roleplaying online I bought MoTB to play on TFR again. This was Spring 2009. Then I quit again because my just born first daughter requested much attention. I came back in December (2 days before the server went poof, but it's not my fault !) bought also SoZ and here I am.
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Myriel   Application for Myriel EmptyTue Jan 19, 2010 7:55 am

there is actually a very good reason why Kor'Ali are not allowed to play characters in other houses.
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PostSubject: Joining Korali   Application for Myriel EmptyTue Jan 19, 2010 1:57 pm

Its True that there is a good reason for it , Kor'ali is looking for a Yathtaller and really if there was conflict between Devlin and Korali we couldnt afford to have such a position filled by someone with split loyalties and it also would open a presedent for players from other houses asking to join and pointing at you as having a Kor'ali and a Devlin which I have denied three of my real life friends who have a Morb or Devlin.

If You really want to Join korali (who you are right work their intrigues in secret) there is the possibility of having your Devlin Wizard have a complete Name change To Kor'ali (including his first name so there is no IC reason for a swap it would not ever have been a Devlin) as to why the Devlin is not around anymore lots of apprentice mages dont make it all the way through Sorcere.

I have seen some of your rping and think you would make a good Yathtaller for Korali but im just not ready to change the Kor'ali rule on this one Sorry.

Sarn l' olath alu fotus ulu l' isto phor lu' Ssuth l' cress d' ulnen, Ji quarthen l' Orbdrinus Senger.
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Myriel   Application for Myriel EmptyTue Jan 19, 2010 2:05 pm

I will think about scrapping the wizard then. Although it's the first time for me ever that I played a wizard, I was getting affectionate with him, hence my restraint in killing him. And no I wouldn't like to clone him, it's too OOC for my tastes.
I guess Pharaun would make a good Necromancy Master anyways, since he also took the Pale Master path which I was not willing to take.

I'll think about this and talk to Thrar also. Thanks for your kind comments btw.
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Myriel   Application for Myriel EmptyTue Jan 19, 2010 2:25 pm

too late :/ Vin'del covered my point of view..

i would really LOVE to have myriel in kor'ali as priestess =) we would get a active core again, and i liked to play with you ^^

but that ooc rule important in the end.. working against each other is a important rp aspect of being part of a qualler in drow society... so when szith is strong again we also start to make more secret actions against other houses...

and a player who belongs to twi houses or more would have ooc knowledge he always has to check if he can use it ic now or not.. making it harder to play it right..

if you come to kor'ali with myriel
dont delete kalafein!!! get namechange back to kalafein for now talk to dev'lin and then wait if you ever get the mood to change him...
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Myriel   Application for Myriel EmptyFri Jan 29, 2010 2:49 am

I am a morb because thats where i should have been to begain with insted i joined korali cause it was pointed out a yathtallar was needed later handing me the house. I still Play both but Talice is the Main so korali was the first house i joind. I use the morb for rp reasons mainly not for info telling cause i mainly play talice
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Myriel   Application for Myriel Empty

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Application for Myriel
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