House of Kor'ali
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Elghinn Velve
Elghinn Velve

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PostSubject: Recruiting   Recruiting EmptyThu May 01, 2008 5:18 pm

Our numbers are thin. Many of our people were lost in the mist. As such we must recruit a few new members so that we can have a chance to stand up to the other noble houses.

Please keep tabs of possible future members and list them here. List what makes them a good candidate for Kor'ali so that we can decide weather or not give them entry. They must be good drow rpers and they must know the difference between IC and OOC. New drow would be ideal as they can be molded but some of the standing drow might be beyond help.

If you see a good candidate let us know.

The first of the new recruits is Dantric Kor'ali, username Sunder.
He understands basic drow lore and is eager to learn more. He has great roleplay and a well developed character. Welcome him to Kor'ali if you see him and please help him train.
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