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 The Matron has been captured!

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Elghinn Velve
Elghinn Velve

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The Matron has been captured! Empty
PostSubject: The Matron has been captured!   The Matron has been captured! EmptyTue May 27, 2008 4:30 pm

While on patrol Vorne and Istinid were ambushed by quicklings. They wished to recover their king who had been taken prisoner by Zaka'rath, Thaluk and Naeradil. The two attempted to fight off the attackers but they were overwealmed by the large force. Vorne had fallen and Istinid had no choice but to flee in hopes of returning with an armed force of Kor'ali.

The quickings took Vorne prisoner and offered to release her only after they got their king back. She was taken to the tunnels where Zaka'rath, Thaluk and Naeradil first encountered the small creatures.

Istinid quickly returned to Szith where he found Dantric, Zaka'rath and Naeradil. Naeradil held the Quickling King in a petrified state hanging from his belt. As soon as they recieved word of what had taken place the Kor'ali males quickly went to her rescue.

A fierce battle was waged throughout the underdark. The quicklings fell by the second and on many occasions did the rescue party came close to defeat.

When they finally encountered the quickling queen, she wasted no time in fleeing from the enraged Kor'ali, however she left behind even more of her soldiers.

Were there no end to them?

Finally Naeradil decided that they had no choice but to make the trade off. The group had been fighting for what seemed like days and they quickly grew tired. The never ending assult from the quicklings and their allies would win sooner or later.

They tracked the queen down and carefully negotiated the release of their matron in exchange for the petrified quickling mate of the queen.

After both, the Kor'ali and the Quicklings admitted that the other side was formidable a truce was made that swiftly turned into an alliance when the queen explained to Vorne and her males that she had close to one hundred thousand quickling soldiers scattered across Elben Aator that were always at her disposal.

The Kor'ali now have a strong accord with the quickling masses and should they ever require fodder to fill their ranks if war were to come to the Kor'ali doorstep, they now know where they can go to get it.

Several thousand quicklings would surely do well to hold off an invasion from less than a hundred drow, or at the very least would tire and slow any attackers.

Naeradil Kor'ali: Elghin Velve
Vorne Kor'ali: Acting Ilharess
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The Matron has been captured!
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