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 Szith Sacrifice

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Death Shard

Death Shard

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PostSubject: Szith Sacrifice   Szith  Sacrifice EmptySun May 10, 2009 5:51 pm

Sensing Misfavor Yath'tallar Malla Ilharess Talice Kor'ali Watches a Young well build jaluk approaching. "vendui Ilharess", he says and takes a bow. Talice reconizes this jaluk as a Dek'za member from previous asassination meetings. Thinking him here for imfomation he bursts out "Is there anything malla ilharess comands of ustaan Before ustaan takes leave?" Talice dawns that her efforts for a sacrifice have come up empty handed lately and Tells the Dek'za To bring Her a Kiv'vil for sacrifice alive. THe Dek'za Muttered the word kiv'vil silently with a smile gripping his hilts. He States His price and Talice Promises extra for the sooner of the cycle. He states with a dedicated "A'dos quarth" and bids her aluve with a low bow...

Some time passes and more shebali come out of the residential section....Szith seems busy with filth wallowing out of the gutters....To Talices relief M'faern Ray'Kan Dev'Lin Steps out of the shadows as Talice Grants Some Of Lloths Powers To the shebali to Slaughter the goblins for Patrol. Its about time someone patrols it Talice thinks to herself, ustaan can smell the foul ilibiths From sziths center. M'faern Ray'kan Bids Talice Vendui and Bows for respect. The two speak quickly about Returning Ilharess Ashieanda'rra Dev'lin.

Suddenly before the conversation goes any further, The Dek'za jaluk is seen aproaching the circle of szith armed with a Darthiir in tow. A Hand maiden appears And speaks about Sziths Misfortune. Talice More than eager anticpates that the Handmaiden Drow has come to take her sacrifice tells her to "back off" eyeing the Dek'za as he holds the Darthiir Steadly. Beautiful as the sun and A yellow golden tan the female darthiir stands in amazement at the city and gathered shebali with a smile....

The handmaiden moves to the center of the circle where four yath'tallars bring in a Alter . While the yath'tallars prepared the alter Giant Spiders Moved closser To get better views and fresher scents of Blood. THe handmaiden and the ilahress eye each other before the handmaiden states she has been watching Kor'ali, And Talks about misfavor. Talice Thinking Her time had ran out of finding a sacrifice sooner Falls to her knees thinking the handmaiden taking her sacrifice and to sacrifice talice for failure after All she been though for this Point.

Back in the right mindset SHe stands and commands the Dek'za Jaluk to bring her into the circle. "A'dos quarth"The jaluk grabs her arm and throws her onto the ground bfore Talice. Talice Quickly grabs the darthiir by the arm and throws her on the alter using brute streangth where the Yath'tallars Tie down her arms and leggs. The Handmaiden comands the special jeweled Cerimonial dagger be readied, seeing Talice Fingering her Bloody blunt dagger she usually uses for sacrifices, for the special occasion of a darthiir. Talice readily grabs the dagger and starts a prayer that most shebali know about the wrongs of the Evil Dirthiir and our savior Lloth That gives streangth to the llythiiri. The Darthiir seeing her end screams out as Talice Screams THe End of her prayer driving the dagger into the darthiir ending her life Screaming for Lloth.
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Szith Sacrifice
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