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 Lolth Comes to Szith...

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Elghinn Velve
Elghinn Velve

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Lolth Comes to Szith... Empty
PostSubject: Lolth Comes to Szith...   Lolth Comes to Szith... EmptySun Jun 15, 2008 7:30 pm

Vorne heard the explosions. She didnt know what was causing them but she knew they were comming from within Szith. Immediately she made haste to the city to find out what was happening. As she entered the main cavern she noticed an influx of spiders...hundreds of them littering the floor of Szith Center. Something was going on, something big. She knew this immediately but what she saw next made her blood freeze in its veins.

A large gathering of drow, larger than any she had seen in many years. Nobles and commoners from every house and every faction were on their knees surrounding the "Matron's Circle" that lay at the heart of the city. She could not see the source of this meeting but the heavy feeling over her heart told her that something of great power had come to her home. As Vorne pushed through the crowd and stepped up to the Matron's Circle, she saw the source. A drow priestess, the most beautiful and powerful female Vorne had ever laid eyes apon was standing in the Circle. Her deep, enchanting crimson gaze turned to Vorne and it felt as if she priestess was staring right through Vorne. Through her fascades and her lies; through her trickery and her betrayels. This female seemed to know it all with but a single gaze. Vorne's heart sank, for she realised who she was standing in front of, face to face with. Vorne was looking into the powerful crimson eyes of Lolth herself!

At once Vorne wanted to recoil, she wanted to shrink a thousand sizes smaller to escape the grasp of the queen of the demonwebs. She quickly dropped to her knees in reverance and worship of the one true Spider Queen. "Why is she here? What have we done? Vith, is she here because of my sister?" These questions and many others raced through the matron mother's mind. When Lolth spoke, her words were loud and powerful. They echoed off the walls of the city, shaking its very foundations but at the same time, it was soft and soothing, able to calm even a fierce dragon.

"Tell me why I have been disturbed!" She demanded as the cavern shook. Vorne had no idea what to think, Lolth was here for a reason and she was certain that reason would soon be learned but she could not identify it at first, which made her nervous. At length the new head of house Morcane, Xi'Shae spoke. "We beseach you our goddess to purge the city of heretics! The first house is a heretic house!" This proclamation made Vorne uneasy.

Lolth was angered by the fact that they summoned her to ask her to do something that they should do themselves. Lolths fury was intense and the ground shook and cracked killing some and injuring others. Vorne was relieved to have avoided the pain. "You are all failures in my eyes! You have all lost my favor!" She shouted to the horror of the onlookers. "Clean the city yourselves and until such a time nau one shall rule here!" She demanded.

Her followers were in disbelief. One, a priestes from the temple dared step forward and proclaim, "What is this, you are naut my goddess!" Her words were heresy. Vorne knew this and to rectify it she quickly turned to the priestess and drove her sacrificial dagger through her chest." Lolth shouted in anger for an attack in the public was against her creed, Vorne was certain that her goddess secretly commended her for her faith in killing one who would speak heresy in her very presence.

With this done, Lolth shouted once more that the city must regain her favor and she then vanished, leaving earthquakes and explosions in her wake. She was gone and the city was never more terrified of her.

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Lolth Comes to Szith...
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